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Reflective pendant

Reflective pendant

code: 5608

Reflective pendant 

Fantastic reflective product that takes care of your safety. With this pendant you are visible from a distance of 150 meters! These soft reflective tag can be attached to a backpack, bike, jackets, stroller, suitcase, backpack ...

Very easy to attach by chain. 

The pendants are available in different shapes: bear (silver, yellow, orange), vest (yellow), ball (yellow), snowflake (white, blue), brownie (yellow), monkey (yellow). It is possible to insert a small overprint on the pendants. 

Ask about the currently available models.

product codes:
5608 a - bear
5608 b - vest
5608 c - ball
5608 d – snowflake
5608 e - brownie
5608 f - monkey

Sizes of the pendants:

bear (6,5 x 4 cm) 
vest (5,2 x 5,5 cm) 
ball (5 cm)
snowflake (ok. 5,5 cm)
brownie (about 8 cm)
monkey (about 8 cm)

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