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The submission of the inquiry by the customer via e-mail:
choice of products
determine the method of marking
specify number of pieces


Submission of the offer by KAJA within two working days. On request, we will send the examples of implementation C.O.D.


The consignment of the materials for the order by the Customer


The preparation of visualization by Kaja within two working days


The acceptance of visualization and placing and order by the Customer


Advance payment by the Client


The launch of processing the order


The shipping of the products to the customer


Before processing the order, following materials should be send to
  • logo of the company along with the content of the overprint in vector format .cdr, .eps
  • graphic requirements, if any
  • a description of the pattern size
  • a detailed description of colors by. Pantone scale


Terms and conditions of collaboration with KAJA - JAKUBASZEK General Partnership Wanda Jakubaszek, Józef Jakubaszek, Katarzyna Majewska located in Przecław, entered in the National Court Register, under KRS number 277080, code 320338151, NIP 8513006578.

§ 1

1.1 Orders are accepted in the order form KAJA, available on the website, including  NIP number, exact address, telephone and fax numbers, names of people involved in placing the order, the company stamp and legible signature of the person ordering.
1.2 1.2   The person signing the contract must be authorized to represent the company. If this person’s name is not included in the documents listed in section 1.3, there should be sent a separate authorization for the person ordering, signed by a person authorized to represent the company.
1.3 While placing an order at KAJA for the first time, the Purchaser is obliged to send a current copy of the National Court Register, or entry in the Register of Business Activity, NIP, REGON
1.4 If the Purchaser falls behind on its payments, KAJA reserves the right not to accept another order prior to the payment of liabilities. 
1.5 The goods purchased by the Purchaser remain the property of KAJA until  full payment for the goods is made. KAJA can transfer the ownership of ordered and made goods  before the payment.
1.6 .
The signed and sent order cannot be canceled.
1.7 Minimum order is 300 zł net
1.8 When ordering please specify the quantity, type of product and way of decorating. Price of ordered goods will result from the current price lists valid at KAJA company on the day of VAT invoice.


 § 2

2.1 Company logo, content of overprint or stamping and layout must to be supplied with the order via e-mail in vector format .cdr, .eps, along with a detailed description of the pattern size and color according to Pantone scale. If the preparation of the project is inconsistent with the requirements of  KAJA  company, the order will not be processed. The Employer may authorize KAJA company to adjust the data of the order  to the  required format. This will result in additional charges according to the current rate per hour of work of a graphic designer. The Purchaser consents to be burden with these costs by signing this agreement.

2.2 KAJA Company is required to provide the Purchaser with  visualization of the ordered goods. The Purchaser is obliged to confirm in writing whether the presented visualization of the goods is accepted. In case of any  objections, the Purchaser is obliged to indicate what are his comments regarding the presented visualization and possibly submit proposals for the order. Lack of written acceptance will result in cancelling the order and the Purchaser is obliged to return the costs incurred to date by KAJA company.
2.3 Lead time is counted from the date of the fulfillment of two conditions: the acceptance of visualization and deposit. Order delivery date will be determined individually for each order.

2.4 KAJA company is committed to execute the order in accordance with the agreed visualization.

2.5 KAJA is not responsible for temporary shortages of goods from its suppliers.

2.6 KAJA shall not be responsible for the difference between the colors of the goods in the catalog and the actual color of the product which is the subject of the order, as well as for slight differences in shades within the ordered product.

2.7 In the event of refusal to accept made goods in accordance with the order recipient is obligated to pay for the company KAJA, except  for the remuneration for made orders, a penalty equal to 1% of the net value of goods ordered for each day of delay. In a situation where the penalty does not cover the damage, KAJA company has the right to claim additional compensation on general principles.

§ 3


3.1 The delivery undergoes on the EX WORKS Przeclaw k / Szczecin basis. The Purchaser is obliged to pick up the goods with his own transport. KAJA company may commission the company designated by the Employer to transport the goods under his responsibility or courier company cooperating with KAJA. Delivery costs must covered by the Purchaser. In case of delay in the shipment of goods for reasons beyond the company's KAJA, the Purchaser will immediately be informed.

3.2 Taking goods from the shipping company, the Purchaser is obliged - in case the cartons are intact or goods has been damaged in any way - to take note of this fact on signed waybill and to prepare a damage report.


§ 4

4.1 If the value of the order exceeds 1000 PLN net, before its implementation a deposit of 50% of the net contract value payable on the basis of proforma invoice is required; the payment of the remaining amount should be paid before receiving the goods. Unless otherwise specified, invoices to the value of 1000 zł net must be paid by bank transfer before receiving the goods.
4.2 Partial execution of the contract: in case of delivery of goods in several batches, the transport costs of each batch should be covered by the Purchaser and each time he will receive an invoice for the goods delivered.
4.3  In the event of withdraw from the contract by the Purchaser, the Purchaser is obliged to cover all expenses incurred by the company KAJA with the execution of this order.
4.4 The payment date will be considered the date of crediting the account of KAJA company.
4.5  In the case of exceeding the payment deadline by the Purchaser KAJA has the right to charge interest on late payments and charge The Purchaser for the costs of reminders ( the cost of sending a registered letter. )
4.6  In the event of any dispute, the Purchaser shall not have any right to withhold payment or part payment for purchased goods. Any settlements arising from the disputes may occur only after mutual agreement of the parties.
4.7 KAJA takes responsibility for executed orders only to the height of its value.


 § 5

5.1 Goods can be claimed  only in the event of being classified as damage or incompatibility with the order by an employee of KAJA. Information about any quantitative or qualitative deficiencies in the supply must be received by  KAJA in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods by the Purchaser. The Purchaser will be charged for all costs associated with the return transport of claimed goods. The complaint will be considered within 10 days of receipt of the written notification.

5.2 After reselling or waiver of the goods the next recipient, the responsibility for any qualitative and quantitative defects  passed to the Purchaser and KAJA is released from liability for physical and legal defects. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to check the goods before passing it to anyone. Returns of processed goods in any way are not allowed. KAJA does not recognize exceptions to this rule.

§ 6

6.1 The Purchased who owns the copyright or / and the right to register a trademark  (due to fulfilling the order) and declares that he has proprietary copyrights or rights to the trademark printed on the ordered goods, agrees to the use of order goods by KAJA in  advertising materials, KAJA’s web page, as part of the exhibition at the fair and as samples of KAJA’s technical possibilities regarding the quality of overprinting or embossing. KAJA has the right to place an information about provided service for the Purchaser in their advertising materials.

6.2 The Purchaser takes full responsibility for possessing copyrights or / and the right to register a trademark necessary to fulfil the order and declares that he has proprietary copyrights or rights to the trademark printed on the ordered goods, or is  authorized by the owner of the trademark or proprietary copyrights to use the trademark, logo or other markings on the ordered goods. In the case of claims against KAJA regarding an infringement of copyright, the Purchaser shall bear full responsibility and agrees to return  all the costs incurred by KAJA  associated with these claims.



§ 7

7.1 Any changes regarding these conditions require written form and approval of both parties in order to be valid.
7.2 Any disputes arising as a result of these Terms shall be settled by way of amicable arrangement. In the event of disagreement, the dispute will be resolved by taking legal action by the court competent for the headquarters of KAJA company.
7.3 In matters not covered by above findings the regulations of the Civil Code are applicable.
7.4 I hereby accept and declare that I have familiarized myself with the presented content and I accept all of the terms and conditions of aforementioned rules of cooperation without any objections to the content. I also agree to process my personal data included in the form of cooperation in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data, Dz. At No. 133, item. 883.